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Wonderfully Clean Employees Professional, Trained Eco-Green Cleaners

Reputation is everything in Hawaii. That's why Wonderfully Clean Experts have passed rigorous cleaning exams and have been thoroughly checked to establish their reliability and honesty. We have been cleaning homes on Oahu for 15 years.

Why Hire Us?

You can trust us with your home and your privacy. We keep all of your cleaning details in strict client confidentiality. In fact, our home cleaners have a prepared and practiced response to anyone who asks questions. We also conduct background and criminal checks on all our staff to ensure that only the best people enter and clean your home.

We emphasize safety, as Wonderfully Clean is an insured home cleaning company on Oahu that extensively trains its employees. We also have a 57-point checklist to make sure we clean everything, don't make any mistakes, and don't leave anything behind.

We provide security by doing one last walkthrough before leaving your home. This is not only to double-check our work, but to double-check that your home is as secure as it was when we walked in. We also take the time to protect our client and company data through file encryption and a secure Internet connection. We don't just take the time to make sure that we don't volunteer your private information; we make sure no one will steal it either.

Trust, safety, and security. Those are three values that you value about your home, and we share those values. Don't hire just anyone to clean your home, hire Wonderfully Clean of Honolulu, a home cleaning company that values your home as much as you do.

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