We want to leave the island cleaner than we found it.

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Sanitizing Counter We want to leave the island cleaner than we found it. House Cleaning Move-Out Cleaning

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Eco Green Products No product or service should be hazardous to your health.

We only uses products that are made with biodegradable ingredients. These cleaning products are environmentally friendly to Hawaii. They are safe for us, for you, your family, your pets, and the Earth.
Green cleaning products do not contain toxins like sodium hydroxide, ammonia, phenol, and phosphates. Many of the products we use are also green seal certified, showing that these products have officially been determined to be eco-friendly.

Eco Clothes

Say goodbye to paper towels.

WIt means that we don't use paper towels when we come to clean your home. Instead, we use washable, color-coded cloths to avoid cross contamination and filling up landfills. We like trees.

Paperless Office

We are a 90% paperless company.

Green cleaning at Wonderfully Clean means that these practices extend beyond your home and into ours. We are 90 percent paperless as we store our records and receipts electronically and we communicate primarily through phone and email.

Eco Clothes

Environmental Responsibility.

We also reduce our fuel usage by grouping client visits geographically on the island of Oahu. That way, our staff can carpool and head over to the job straight from home instead of the office.