Quick Checklist for Your Move Out Cleaning in Hawaii

Wonderfully Cleaning HawaiiYour lease is ending soon and you plan on leaving. But before you do so, you need to take care of a big detail- move out cleaning. Most leases in Hawaii have a clause which states that if you want your security deposit back, your apartment needs to be in clean condition or in the same condition in which it was rented. So move out cleaning is a very important part of your moving out process. Now you can do this cleaning yourself or you can hire a professional move out cleaning services. Both options have their benefits.

Benefits of Do-It-Yourself cleaning:
1. You save money.
Benefits of using a professional Move Out Cleaning Service:

1. Saves you time and stress.
2. They clean up your apartment efficiently.
3. They know how to clean the apartment or condo so that it matches the expectations of your landlord and you get your deposit back.

If you are going to do the move out cleaning yourself, you should tackle this task one room at a time. Bathroom and kitchen areas take a lot of effort and time – more than you might realize actually. Make sure you allot extra time and manpower for these areas.

However, whether you clean your apartment yourself or hire a move out cleaning service to do it, you need to make sure that everything gets done. After all, it is your responsibility and your deposit is on line. So here is a quick checklist to ensure that every corner is cleaned and every task is done:

All the rooms:

1. Remove all the nails, screws and staples and fill back the holes made with putty. Smooth it out.
2. Clean all the ceiling fixtures like lights, ceiling fans, wall lamps etc.
3. Scrub clean all the windows.
4. Dust all the ledges.
5. Clean doors. Don’t forget the door knobs.
6. Clean power outlets and light switches.
7. Make sure that the walls are clean.
8. Get rid of all the cobwebs.
9. Vacuum everywhere.
10. Make sure that the carpet is clean. If there are any stains, get the carpet cleaned from professionals.


1. Clean out the soap scum.
2. Clean the grout.
3. Clean inside all the bathroom drawers, mirrors and vanity space.
4. Clean the shower, bathtub and faucets in them.
5. Clean the toilet, bathroom sink and the countertop. Now disinfect them.
6. Clean the floors.
7. Clean the exhaust fan if required.


1. Empty out all the cabinets and clean them. Then wash their front panels. Don’t forget the drawers.
2. Clean the countertops. Don’t forget to disinfect them.
3. Clean the sink. Scrub the faucet clean.
4. Clean out the fridge, both inside and outside. Clean underneath it.
5. Similarly, don’t forget the oven and the microwave. Clean them both from the inside and the outside and under it.
6. Clean the dishwasher.
7. Clean the doors and windows.
8. Make sure to clean behind and under all the appliances. Best if you move them and then clean the whole area.

Once done, sweep, mop and vacuum the entire house and get rid of trash.

Now your move out cleaning is done, and you’ll want to move on to anything in the garage, and yard. If you want to save a lot of time, effort and hassle, just hire Wonderfully Clean for a professional move out cleaning service in Oahu.

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