5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Eco Cleaning Services


As we have become busier, many of us have started opting for cleaning services in our homes and offices. It is so easy. Just book an appointment with a cleaning service of your choice and you are done. They will come to your home and clean it up. Sure it may cost a little but what is a bit of money compared to free time, relaxation and a stress free mind.

But have you ever wondered what goes into the cleaning products they use? Or in the chemical cleaning products you use? Go to any store to buy household supplies and you will find several cleaning brands advertising how their product is bet

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6 Reasons Why You Should Own a Clothesline


Summers have long been associated with hours of sun, gentle breeze and having kids at home during their summer vacations. But this season, you can add one more summer act to the list: getting your clothes dry on a clothesline. Ever since everyone has started using dryers and tumble drying their clothes, people have forgotten how the summer days used to be- basking in sunshine, hanging out your clothes to dry in the backyard, chatting with the neighbours and playing with your kids/siblings/pets.

All the marketing people will have us believe that a simple clothesline is bad for neighbourhood i

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Natural Mosquito Repellants: Stuff that actually works


The first part of solving any problem is to understand it. If you are tired of those itchy mosquito bites, you need to understand what attracts mosquitoes in the first place and then take actions accordingly.

Mosquitoes are attracted to our sweat or more exactly to the traces of lactic acid present in our sweat. They are attracted to humidity and moisture, sweet scents like that of ripe fruits and flowers and dark colors. Now that you know the cause of the problem, you can take actions.

Then next step is clean up favorite spots of mosquitoes from our surroundings. Standing water is their bree

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How to Clean Hardwood Floor

Housekeeping Cleaning the Floor

Hardwood floors are a popular feature in our homes, but do you know how to clean them and care for them properly? The best thing to keep in mind for proper hardwood floor care is “less is more”. Don’t use specialized cleaning products that leave a residue, which builds up over time. Instead, the best things to do are to sweep, to vacuum, and to mop your hardwood floor with a water and diluted vinegar solution. Sweeping will get rid of most of the dust and dirt, but vacuuming is needed to get the dust and dirt out of the cracks in between the floorboards. Mopping actually kills the ger

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Take the Cleaning Challenge!

Wonderfully Cleaning Challenge

To start the cleaning process, you might have to TAKE THE CLEANING CHALLENGE! It’s a challenge of living simply, where you get rid of three things every day for 30 days. If you think you couldn’t possibly have 90 things to get rid of, then you can do the mini cleaning challenge of one thing every day for 30 days. Either way, it can be difficult to do, since you have to do it for 30 days straight, but you might like the results once it’s all said and done. In purging your possessions, they don’t necessarily have anything large or valuable that might be difficult to get rid of. Start

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