How to Quickly Clean Your Home Before Guests Arrive?

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Not all of us are Martha Stewart. Between time consuming things like a career, kids, family and other household chores, it is tough to always keep your home pristinely clean. Next time you are in a rush to clean your house before your guests arrive, follow these handy guidelines for an easy way:

1.Start from the beginning, the entry. Make sure shoes, coats etc. are in order. Wipe down any visible surface for dust.

2.Move to the room where you will be entertaining the guests. Sprinkle some baking soda on the rugs and carpets. This will remove any odor from rugs and carpets. Now, take a big basket and put away all the clutter (toys, gadgets, mails, old newspapers etc.) in it. Put this basket in an out-of-sight room. Wipe down the furniture and other visible surfaces for dust. You can even use a lint roller for this. Fluff the cushions. Now vacuum the couch/sofa and rugs and quickly sweep the floor. Spray some air freshener.

3.Use pop of colors to divert attention to the best features of the room. For example, you can use bright colored cushions, vase, table clothes, center pieces etc.

4.Dim the harsh lights and use the soft lighting of mood lights instead.

5.Move on to kitchen. Wipe down the stove top, appliances and countertops. Put the dishes in dishwasher. Sweep the floor and then mop it too if you have time. Put some lemon in garbage disposal. This will remove bad odors.

6.Make sure that the bathroom is clean as guests frequent this area. Clean the toilet inside and out. Clean the sink. Wipe down the faucets and the mirror. Light a scented candle and put some clean fresh towels.

7.Close the doors of all the rooms which will not be used. Out of sight, out of mind. You can organize later.

8.Take few steps back and survey the entertainment area. See if you missed anything obvious. If you did, fix whatever it is.
Now the steps mentioned till here are enough to cover you for a surprise guest visit.

9.However, if you have some more time at hand and want to fix other rooms too, move into remaining rooms one by one. Put always all the clutter in a basket and put this basket in closet or under the bed. Make the bed and fluff all the pillows. Wipe down all visible surfaces for dust. Sweep the floor. Repeat this till you have covered all the rooms or till your guests arrive.

10.If you decide to clean other rooms too, don’t forget to clean the other bathrooms too. Follow the same procedure as mentioned previously in the article. Also Wonderfully Clean often has last minute house cleaning appointments that you can schedule online.

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