Why Green Cleaning Services Which Use Eco-Friendly Products are a Better Choice

Green Cleaning Your Home Wonderfully CleanEco cleaning services have slowly become a popular choice over the years, and Wonderfully Clean is proud to lead the way. These services no longer belong to a small niche. Eco cleaning services are cleaning services which use eco-friendly organic cleaning products only. These products are good for both people and the environment. Eco cleaning companies follow the three basic commandments of green and healthy living- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. But why should we care whether the cleaning service of our choice is eco-conscious or not? Well, here are some benefits of using eco-friendly products and eco cleaning services:

Benefits of Eco-friendly products:
1.Good for you and your family & pets:
Eco friendly cleaning products are good for you and your family as they don’t contain any toxic chemicals. Unlike chemical cleaning products, natural products don’t contain any chemicals which may act as allergens. These chemical allergens are often found responsible for the rising cases of asthma and allergies in kids. These natural cleaning products are safe for your pets too.

2.Doesn’t pollute environment:
Natural cleaning products don’t leave behind any toxic polluting residue or fumes on usage. There are no foul smelling acidic fumes or thin coat of toxic cleaning products.

3.Biodegradable:Eco-friendly natural cleaning products are biodegradable. When we use these biodegradable cleaning products, we are ensuring a cleaner environment for our coming generations.

4.Nice smell:These natural cleaning products leave a nice smell behind, unlike their chemical counterparts like bleach, floor cleaners etc. Also, these eco-friendly products are fume-free and sometimes, even odor-free.

5.Safe to touch:Unlike chemical cleaning products, natural cleaning products don’t burn the user’s skin off on accidental contact. These products are often safe to touch and don’t cause any burns or blisters on their user’s (the cleaners) skin. On the other hand, chemical cleaning products are often unsafe to touch with bare hands and also make the skin dry after usage.

Benefits of eco cleaning service:
1.Use eco-friendly products:
Eco cleaning services are called so because these cleaning companies try to conserve the environment through their actions. These cleaning services use eco-friendly products only. Benefits of these products have been highlighted above.

2.Use less water:
Eco cleaning services try to minimize their water usage to preserve water. They don’t use running water wherever possible. Instead of washing things under running tap water, they rinse these things.

3.Use less energy:
Eco cleaning services also try to consume less energy. Cleaners from these services remove all the stuff from floors before vacuuming because starting and stopping the vacuum frequently causes more energy usage. This leads to smaller carbon footprints and reduced electricity bills for you. They also use more energy efficient cleaning equipment.

4. Use reusable rags, mops etc.:
The best way to conserve the environment is by reducing, reusing and recycling. Eco cleaning services use reusable rags, mops etc. which are also biodegradable.

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