How to Quickly Clean Your Home Before Guests Arrive?

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Not all of us are Martha Stewart. Between time consuming things like a career, kids, family and other household chores, it is tough to always keep your home pristinely clean. Next time you are in a rush to clean your house before your guests arrive, follow these handy guidelines for an easy way: 1.Start from the beginning, the entry. Make sure shoes, coats etc. are in order. Wipe down any visible surface for dust. 2.Move to the room where you will be entertaining the guests. Sprinkle some baking soda on the rugs and carpets. This will remove any odor from rugs a

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8 Useful Tips for Clean and Spotless Windows!

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Windows are a delicate area to clean. You have to take care while washing the glass. You have to make sure that the wooden frame doesn’t absorb the water while cleaning. You have to ensure that there are no streaks left behind. Basically, it’s not an easy job. Here are some tips to help you do this task easily: 1.Never Wash a window on a sunny day: Sun is not your friend if you want to clean your window streak-free. If you clean a window on a sunny day, the sun will dry up the water while you are cleaning and this will leave streaks behinds. There

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7 Easy Tips to Make Cleaning Fun?

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Home Cleaning is something which we all have to do, regularly. If we have to do it so frequently, why not try to enjoy it instead? Here are some tips which will help you make cleaning fun: 1.Put on some fun music: This is like the unofficial first step of doing anything fun. Where there is music, there is fun- whether it is in a hip and trendy nightclub or around bonfires, during party or during cleaning sessions etc. So put some on some beats you can groove to and get in the mood to do some serious cleaning. 2.Follow a cleaning list:</st

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Pros and Cons of Hiring a House Cleaning Service

Hiring a Home Cleaning Service - Wonderfully Clean

House cleaning services have become very popular in the last few years. In earlier days, these services were considered to be expensive and only available for rich people. But nowadays, this simply isn’t true. There are several house cleaning services which charge affordable rates, suitable for anyones budget. But is that the only reason why you should hire them? Whenever you have to make a decision, especially those which cost money, you should take some time and consider both the pros and cons before finalizing anything. Same should be done before you decide to hire a house cleani

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How to Get Rid of Cobwebs

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Wonderfully Clean believes that the step toward solving any cleaning problem is to understand it and its causes.Now using this method, we first need to understand what cobwebs are and what causes them.Cobwebs are abandoned spider webs. These webs are usually found in corners and around beams, the ceiling edges and on textured ceilings. Cobwebs make a house look dirty and shabby and give it an abandoned feel.Now the cause of this problem is spiders. If we get rid of spiders, there won’t be any cobwebs to begin with. So here are two methods by which you can get rid of cobwebs<br

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a House Cleaning Service


Tired of cleaning your house regularly and need a break? Wonderfully Clean’s house cleaning service is definitely a luxury which you can easily afford. There are many reasons why one would the services of a professional cleaning company. For example, you may need the services of a good house cleaning team if your lifestyle is too frantic, you have young kids and work more than 40 hours a week, or if you share a home with roommates. Wonderfully Clean has found that the last situation often leads to an uneven sharing of workload. The level of acceptable cleanliness also varies from person t

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Why Hiring a Professional Home Cleaning Service like Wonderfully Clean is a Good Investment


Cleaning your house is just one of those things which you got to do. It is as important as eating, sleeping, bathing etc. You can procrastinate all you want but a clean home is a necessity for a good living environment. However nowadays, with hectic work schedules and longer travel times (between office and home), it has been getting more difficult to do regular cleaning of our houses. People reach their homes tired and then usually there is dinner to be made, kids to take care of etc. Most of the times, you have to choose whether to relax for a bit or to get up and clean instead. It would

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Why Green Cleaning Services Which Use Eco-Friendly Products are a Better Choice

Green Cleaning Your Home - Wonderfully Clean

Eco cleaning services have slowly become a popular choice over the years, and Wonderfully Clean is proud to lead the way. These services no longer belong to a small niche. Eco cleaning services are cleaning services which use eco-friendly organic cleaning products only. These products are good for both people and the environment. Eco cleaning companies follow the three basic commandments of green and healthy living- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. But why should we care whether the cleaning service of our choice is eco-conscious or not? Well, here are some benefits of using eco-friendly products

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4 Important Points to Consider Before Hiring a House Cleaning Service


Life has sure become fast paced. We rush to work, eat quickly, take power naps, power walk etc. But among all these fast paced tasks, one thing hasn’t changed yet and that is cleaning. It still takes hours to clean a house. Sure the invention of vacuum has made this task a lot easier but it is still time consuming as ever. And nowadays, time is money. Time is also the only wealth that matters. Time is what you spend with your kids, with your friends and family. Time is what you need when you are recuperating from an illness or simply taking a mini-break from rushed pace of things. You can

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Quick Checklist for Your Move Out Cleaning in Hawaii


Your lease is ending soon and you plan on leaving. But before you do so, you need to take care of a big detail- move out cleaning. Most leases in Hawaii have a clause which states that if you want your security deposit back, your apartment needs to be in clean condition or in the same condition in which it was rented. So move out cleaning is a very important part of your moving out process. Now you can do this cleaning yourself or you can hire a professional move out cleaning services. Both options have their benefits. Benefits of Do-It-Yourself c

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