8 Useful Tips for Clean and Spotless Windows!

Window Cleaning Service - Honolulu  Wonderfully CleanWindows are a delicate area to clean. You have to take care while washing the glass. You have to make sure that the wooden frame doesn’t absorb the water while cleaning. You have to ensure that there are no streaks left behind. Basically, it’s not an easy job.
Here are some tips to help you do this task easily:

1.Never Wash a window on a sunny day:
Sun is not your friend if you want to clean your window streak-free. If you clean a window on a sunny day, the sun will dry up the water while you are cleaning and this will leave streaks behinds. Therefore, always clean your windows when its cloudy outside. No streaks!

2.Squeegee- the perfect tool for window cleaning: Instead of using a small wiper or a cloth or newspapers, use a squeegee. It was made specifically for this task. With a squeegee at hand, you won’t have to re-wipe any areas on your windows, leaving clean and streak-free windows behind. It will even help keep the shower clean too!

3.Vacuum First: We sweep the floors before we mop them so that all dirt and debris is removed before the floors get wet. Similarly, you should vacuum your windows before you scrub them clean. Vacuuming will remove all the dirt and dust from the window, which could have made your windows dirtier when in contact with water. Clean the corners too. Now you can proceed to wash down the window using soap and water.

4.Clean the blinds and the drapes too: Remove the blinds and the drapes from the windows and then clean them. You can either vacuum them, wipe them clean with a rag or you can wash them with water and leave to dry.

5.Cotton swabs for corner cleaning: It is tough to get out all the dirt from hard to reach corners of a window. Use a cotton swab to make this task easy. A cotton swab will catch all the dirt and cobwebs if any and give you clean corners.

6.Always clean top to bottom: This is the basic rule of cleaning. No matter what you are cleaning, you always clean top to bottom. This way, whatever dirt and dust you clean away from the top area will fall down and you can clean it off when you are cleaning the bottom area later. Otherwise, if you clean the bottom area first, then you will have to clean that area again when the dirt and dust from top falls on it.

7.Avoid the wooden frames: Water and cleaning solutions are not good for wood. Chemicals and absorbing water will harm the wooden frames of your windows. Therefore, you should make sure that water and other cleaning liquids don’t drip down on the wooden areas of the window. Also, don’t spray the cleaning solution on or near the wooden frame.

8.Buff your window glass using toothpaste: When it comes to glass, ordinary toothpaste is a miracle worker. You can easily get rid of some scratches and other wear and tear by just rubbing some toothpaste on the affected areas in a circular motion and then wiping it clean.

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