7 Easy Tips to Make Cleaning Fun?

Home Cleaning Service Honolulu - Wonderfully Clean Customer Reviews Wonderfully Clean of HonoluluHome Cleaning is something which we all have to do, regularly. If we have to do it so frequently, why not try to enjoy it instead?
Here are some tips which will help you make cleaning fun:

1.Put on some fun music: This is like the unofficial first step of doing anything fun. Where there is music, there is fun- whether it is in a hip and trendy nightclub or around bonfires, during party or during cleaning sessions etc. So put some on some beats you can groove to and get in the mood to do some serious cleaning.

2.Follow a cleaning list: This offers two advantages. First is that you know exactly what you need to know. Once you make a list of all the things and areas you need to clean, there are very slim chances that you will forget something. Second, ticking off task from a to-do list gives us a sense of accomplishment like “I did this.”

3.Race against Time: Most people are competitive by nature, plus racing is fun. So try racing against the clock. See how much you can clean in a set time or how many things you can pick up in a minute or two. If you have an audience (family, friends etc.), make this more fun by placing bets of how can clean their bedroom the fastest.

4.Involve other people: If you have kids, family members or roommates, involve them in cleaning process too. It will divide your workload, give them something to do and once there are several people working in same room, it is easier to laugh, joke around or gossip to catch up on latest events in extended family, neighborhood or your friends.

5.Have fun with your kids: You can fold laundry or de-clutter your room and watch a Disney movie with your kids at the same time. You can hear about their day, problems, friends etc. Also, kids learn better when shown, not told. If they see you doing something, they will try to copy it and this is a good way of teaching them important household chores and responsibility. You can even make a house cleaning checklist for them to follow.

6.Take breaks: If you want to make cleaning the house fun, it is important that you enjoy it. This is not possible if you decide to clean every single area of your whole house in one go. You will become exhausted, tired, frustrated etc. So divide your complete list of tasks into smaller batches and do one or two per day. Don’t try to become a super hero. Also, take breaks from cleaning too. It is normal to feel tired after an hour or two of extensive cleaning. Take small breaks. Sit down. Put your feet up and relax. Or go grab a Shave Ice. Once you feel better, you can continue.

7.Hire a cleaning company: There is another good way of making cleaning the house fun- when you don’t have to do it. Nothing is more fun and relaxing than not doing a chore yourself. Hire Wonderfully Clean instead. We are professional cleaning company in Honolulu and have been doing it for 10 years. It’s what we do best, and you can still grab that Shave Ice.

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