5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a House Cleaning Service

House cleaning serviceTired of cleaning your house regularly and need a break? Wonderfully Clean’s house cleaning service is definitely a luxury which you can easily afford. There are many reasons why one would the services of a professional cleaning company. For example, you may need the services of a good house cleaning team if your lifestyle is too frantic, you have young kids and work more than 40 hours a week, or if you share a home with roommates. Wonderfully Clean has found that the last situation often leads to an uneven sharing of workload. The level of acceptable cleanliness also varies from person to person.
Home cleaning services encompass a wide range of options, whether it is one time deep clean of your house, a basic cleaning or every object and corner cleaned. You can decide the frequency of cleaning sessions and the cleaning level required according to your requirements and your budget.
However, the decision of hiring the services of a cleaning company should be made keeping several considerations in mind. Definitely do your homework and ask the important questions before you hire anyone. Some important questions are as follows:

1.Do they offer the service you require?
Different cleaning services offer different types of cleaning services. For example, some cleaning companies only work at commercial properties. Many house cleaning services don’t clean the carpets, windows or the exterior of your house. So before you hire a cleaning service, make sure that they offer the service you need.

2.Are they bonded and insured?
We feel this is a very important question. It is important that a house cleaning service has insured employees and carries liability insurance. Otherwise, you will be held responsible for anything which happens on your property- whether it is an accident, an injury or property damage.

3.Do they conduct background checks for their employees?
Again, this is a very important question. When you hire a house cleaning service, you trust a complete stranger with the keys to your house. How do you know they are not a criminal? It is a question of safety of you, your family and your belongings. Therefore, before you hire a cleaning service, make sure that they conduct background checks and verification for all of their employees. Wonderfully Clean always does this.

4.Do they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee?
Most house cleaning services require advance payment before they begin working. So what should you do if you are unhappy with the work done? Therefore, before you hire the services of a cleaning company, make sure that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That is not all. Make sure that you and the company is on the page regarding the definition of 100% satisfaction. What is their criterion of 100% satisfaction?

5.Are they eco-friendly?
If you care about the environment and about reducing your carbon footprint, make sure that you hire a house cleaning service which is eco-friendly. Wonderfully Clean is known as a green cleaning service company in Honolulu. Our distinctive feature is that we use eco-friendly natural cleaning products only. Eco-friendly products are good for your health and the environment.

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